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Releases Produced by Joznez
Joznez Majoe Kurdo Blanco

Majoe x Kurdo

Blanco (15.09.2017)
Joznez Dzeko Heart Speak


Heart Speak ft. Toka-J
Joznez Ozark Netflix


   Netflix (TV Show)   
Joznez Seyed Cool Summer


Cool Summer (04.08.2017)
Joznez Billions Showtime


Showtime (TV Show)
Joznez Netflix


   India Promo 2017   
Joznez KOLLEGAH Legacy


Legacy (30.06.2017)
Joznez 18 Karat Pusha

  18 Karat

Pusher (07.04.2017)
Joznez Kurdo Vision


Vision (30.03.2017)
Joznez Chakuza Bizzy Montana Blackout 2

  Chakuza & Bizzy

Blackout 2 (14.02.2017)
Joznez MAJOE Auge des Tigers


Auge des Tigers (10.02.2017)
Joznez BOSCA Cobra 3


Cobra 3 (13.01.2017)
Joznez Vega Dregggisch und Roh


Dregggisch und Roh (26.11.2016)
Joznez Silla - Es war einmal in Südberlin


Es war einmal in Südberlin (21.10.2016)
Joznez Call of Duty Black Ops 3

  Call of Duty

Black Ops 3
Joznez Hanybal Haramstufe rot


Haramstufe Rot (16.09.2016)
Joznez Saad Bang Bang


Bang Bang (19.08.2016)
Joznez Massiv Raubtier


Raubtier (10.06.2016)
Joznez PA-Sports Zurück zum Glück


Zurück zum Glück (03.06.2016)
Joznez Farid Bang Blut

  Farid Bang

Blut (27.05.2016)
Joznez Nazar Irreversibel


Irreversibel (13.05.2016)
Joznez Pedaz Schwermetall


Schwermetall (22.04.2016)
Joznez Timeless Antiheld


Antiheld (08.04.2016)
Joznez Jasko WKDK


WKDK (18.03.2016)
Joznez Kurdo VADW


VADW (19.02.2016)
Joznez Vega und Bosca

  Vega und Bosca

Alte Liebe rostet nicht (22.01.2016)
Joznez Kianush Szenario


Szenario (22.01.2016)
Joznez Majoe BA2T


BA2T (16.10.2015)
Joznez Selfmade Chronik III

  Selfmade Records

Chronik III (09.10.2015)
Joznez Fard Ego


Ego (09.10.2015)
Joznez Bravo Black Hits Vol.33

  Bravo Black Hits Vol.33

Sampler (04.09.2015)
Joznez Manuellsen Kill em all


Kill em all (28.08.2015)
Joznez Silla Von Alk zum Hulk


V.A.Z.H. (07.08.2015)
Joznez PA Sports Eiskalter Engel

  PA Sports

Eiskalter Engel (17.07.2015)
Joznez Ruffiction Frieden


Frieden (03.07.2015)
Joznez KC Rebell Fata Morgana

  KC Rebell

Fata Morgana (12.06.2015)
Joznez Bravo Black Hits 32

  Bravo Black Hits Vol.32

Compliation (27.03.2015)
Joznez Farid Bang Asphalt Massaka 3

  Farid Bang

Asphalt Massaka 3 (27.03.2015)
Joznez Willkommen im Niemandsland 3

  Freunde von Niemand

Willkommen im Niemandsland 3 (27.03.2015)
Joznez Olexesh Masta


Masta (27.03.2015)
Joznez Hanybal Weg von der Fahrbahn


Weg von der Fahrbahn (27.02.2015)
Joznez BOZ Made in Germany


Made in Germany (27.02.2015)
Joznez Favorite Neues von Gott


Neues von Gott (23.01.2015)
Joznez Sinan G Lak Sho

Sinan G

Lak Sho(23.01.2015)
Joznez Vega Kaos


Kaos (16.01.2015)
Joznez Silla Audio Anabolika Cover


AUDIO ANABOLIKA (21.11.2014)
Joznez Fetenhits Cover


Compliation (21.11.2014)
Joznez Black 14 Cover

Black '14

Compliation (14.11.2014)
Joznez Berlin Tag & Nacht Cover

Berlin Tag & Nacht

Compliation (7.11.2014)
Joznez Ballermann Hits Cover

Ballermann Hits

Compliation (31.10.2014)
Joznez Veysel Audiovisuell Cover


Audiovisuell (17.10.2014)
Joznez Madu Bizzy Montana Cover

Bizzy Montana

M.A.D.U. (03.10.2014)
Joznez 257ers Boomshakkalakka Cover


Boomshakkalakka (26.09.2014)
Joznez Bravo Hits 87 Cover


Bravo Hits Vol. 87 (26.09.2014)
Joznez Mega Hits 257ers Cover


MegaHits 2014 - Die Dritte (05.09.2014)
Joznez Silla Audio Anabolika Cover


Joznez Bravo Black Hits Vol 31 Cover

257ers, Majoe

Bravo Black Hits Vol.31 (29.08.2014)
Joznez Majoe Cover


BADT - Single (22.08.2014)
Joznez Ytitty Verdammt Normal Cover


Verdammt Normal (08.08.2014)
Joznez 257ers Cover


Baby du riechst (08.2014)
Joznez Achtvier Wohlstand Cover


Wohlstand (01.08.2014)
Joznez Majoe Cover


Ghettosuperstar - Single (04.07.2014)
Joznez Majoe Cover


N.D.T.K.M.S. - Single (04.07.2014)
Joznez 4 Tune Cover


Einer muss es ja tune (04.07.2014)
Joznez Talion 2 Fard Snaga Cover

Fard & Snaga

Talion 2- La Rabia (04.07.2014)
Joznez Sadiq TrafiQ Cover


TrafiQ (04.04.2014)
Joznez Olexesh Nu eta da Cover


Nu Eta da (07.03.2014)
Joznez Majoe vs Jasko Cover

Majoe & Jasko

Majoe vs. Jasko (08.11.2013)
Joznez Nate 57 Land in Sicht Cover

Nate 57

Land in Sicht (20.09.2014)
Joznez Massiv Blut gegen Blut 3


Blut gegen Blut 3 (02.08.2013)
Joznez Block Bladi Gentlemen Du Maroc

Du Maroc

Block Bladi Gentleman (24.05.2013)
Joznez Animus EGGUS Cover


EGGUS (30.07.2013)
Joznez Majoe Jasko Übernahme Cover

Majoe & Jasko

Übernahme (27.04.2013)
Joznez Farid Bang der letzte Tag deines Lebens Cover

Farid Bang

Der letzte Tag deines Lebens (27.01.2013)
Joznez Farid Bang Banger Leben Kürzer Cover

Farid Bang

Banger Leben kürzer (16.03.2012)
Joznez Animus Die Stimme der Stummen


Die Stimme der Stummen (10.12.2011)


Story & Facts about Joznez

Born in Schwarzwald (Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany), Joznez discovered his love for music early on in life. Influenced by a variety of genres, such as electro-pop, hip hop, dance, rock, he felt himself driven to create music. Between the ages of 7 and 15 he spent many hours practicing the keyboard and honing his production skills. His goal: to be one of the best music producers in the world.

One year later, at the age of 16, he had his first official placing for Farid Bang, Fard, Summer Cem and Animus and made it into the German charts! Subsequently, many references have followed. Now, at the age of 22, Joznez has produced over 50+ famous artists; Kollegah, Farid Bang, KC Rebell, Majoe, 257ers, etc. among them. Joznez is still trying to raise the bar!

Along with his management Madison Management, Joznez has achieved 56 entries in the top 10 charts in Germany, Switzerland and Austria and has hit the number one spot 15-times at the age of just 22 years!

Recently Joznez has received a golden award for his contribution to the album "Nazar - Irreversibel"